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Quality Assurance

Our processes and documentation are designed to comply with all aspects and requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Our commitment to a robust quality assurance system is manifested in continuously meeting customer requirements for world-class operations and reliability, including incident management and product recalls, traceability of finished product to raw materials and supplier assessment and development.

The laboratories are equipped with modern instruments and equipment to meet the requirements of the quality function. Chemists too, are appropriately trained in the use of the instruments and the chemistry of the products. The high caliber of our laboratories is a reflection on the expectation of our customers to meet their own stringent standards and audit requirements. We also advise our clients regarding cost-effective substitutes for certain ingredients which are not available or which may put a heavy price tag on the finished product. All persons who come in contact with the product details, formulation and analysis are authorized to have that access and are fully aware of the confidentiality associated with it.

Consumer Safety

Hazards And Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a stringent discipline that controls and regulates processes so as to arrest any chances for contamination. Having its origins in the space programme, it is now mandatory in all food and beverage manufacturing and processing operations. We employ HACCP principles and identify all Critical Control Points in all stages of our processing and packaging operations from a consumer safety perspective to ensure our customers get products that are cost-competitive, quality assured and made-to-order.