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Quality and Consumer Safety Policy

1. Futehally Chemicals Private Limited (FCL) is committed to producing and delivering consistently the products which meet the customer requirements related to Quality and Consumer Safety.

2. We have in place the Quality Management System (QMS) adhering to international standards and current best practices. Through the QMS we ensure that :

  1. a mechanism to understand customer needs related to product and consumer safety is in place.
  2. clearly defined processes capable of delivering products conforming to customer requirements and consumer safety are in place.
  3. all applicable legal and regulatory requirements are adhered to.
  4. tools such as HACCP are in use to ensure the consumer safety in all the products we produce and deliver
  5. continuous learning is part of the culture and leads to continuous improvement.
  6. through continuous improvement the operational efficiency is optimized
  7. the outcome of the above measures is reflected in the internal and external customer satisfaction.

Faisal Hussain,
Chief Operating Officer,
Dated: 01-DEC-2011.