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Code of Business

1. Futehally Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd. (FCL) is committed to carrying out its business in an ethical manner complying with all the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and the requirements stated by the customers.

2. The Code of Business is embedded in all activities of our workplace and is FCL’s way of doing business. The Key guiding principles of our Code of Business are as follows:

  1. We conduct our business with fairness, integrity and transparency.
  2. We discourage offering or receiving any payments, gifts, entertainment, advantages to and from our customers or suppliers with the intent of gaining or providing any favours against the agreed contracts, specifications of product and services or avoiding legal and regulatory compliance.
  3. We do not involve in actual or attempted money laundering activities.

3. We are conscious of our responsibilities as an employer and ensure the following:

  1. All applicable labour laws are fully complied with.
  2. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate in hiring, compensation, training, promotion, termination and retirement based on race, caste, religion, age, marital status, gender and disability.
  3. There is a Zero tolerance on hiring of child labour in strict compliance with ILO Standards and the local laws.
  4. We do not use forced labour and respect the right of our employees not to work beyond the stipulated maximum working hours and their freedom to leave the employment after giving due notice.
  5. We fully comply with the laws and regulations related to wages and benefits, overtime and maximum working hours.
  6. We deeply respect the human dignity and ensure that no employee suffers from harassment, physical or mental punishment or any other form of abuse at the workplace.
  7. We respect the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining as per the applicable laws.

4. As a responsible corporate citizen we make sure that:

  1. the working environment is healthy and safe for all our employees, visitors, contractors and neighbors.
  2. All products and services delivered meet the quality and safety criteria specified in the contracts and are safe for their intended use.

5. We are conscious of our responsibility to share and ensure compliance of this Code of Business by our direct suppliers.

Faisal Hussain,
Chief Operating Officer,
Dated: 01-DEC-2011.