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Our detergent powder operations are a dedicated facility for Unilever Pakistan since 1960. The processing equipment consists of a hybrid-Ballestra (Italy) spray-drying tower, slurry high pressure pumps and airlifts that have undergone extensive upgrades in the last three decades. Encapsulated enzymes for added stain-fighting power are added and mixed via in-house designed and custom-made equipments.

Powder packing is carried out at our packing lines of VFFS (Vertical Form-Fill-Seal) machines, a mixture of single-lane, double-lane and multi-lane machines. All have been modified with in- house designed custom-made dust containment hoods to conform to the clean air requirement for working with enzymes. Traceability is carried out at both primary and secondary stages. The quality and safety aspects of this operation are subjected to periodic stringent audits by internal and external auditors from Unilever, Pakistan-based as well as from the Asia-Pacific Region.

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